Hi.. My name is Alexandrea Watson, but you may also know me as Allie. I go to Westchester Community College as a Visual Arts major, but I plan on transferring to a SUNY school to get a degree in art education in the fall of 2020. For now I work full-time as an assistant manager and sales representative at Spins Hudson in Peekskill, NY.

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I currently have an internship with the Guggenheim museum’s Learning Through Art (LTA) program, where I assist a teaching artist in a public school in New York City for 20 weeks throughout the school year. During our time there we work with kids doing processed based art and asking questions about art. At the end of the year there is a final exhibition in the museum.

This summer I will also be the Arts and Crafts Director at Camp Addison Boyce with the Girl Scouts of America. I’m looking forward to spreading art and creativity during my time there!


I’m an artist of many mediums, and am using my time at Westchester Community College to explore various ways to create art and experience new artistic possibilities! I prefer to create non-objective artwork using many different forms of media. This site contains various posts and assignments from my courses! As well as work created outside of class.

I plan to add much more than what already is on here, and to be able to show growth in my work throughout time. Thank you!

much love, Allie Watson

Personal Work: